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General Inquires
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Talk House  is an entertaining initiative featuring lectures that take place in a bar, restaurant or an interesting place. It's a home for "talk and curiosity" culture where the content is served by smart people.

Talk House is a place for thoughts, knowledge and dialogue between speakers and the audience, with social and cultural involvement that exposes people to new ideas, opinions, stories, creativity, technological innovations, social agendas and more.

Each month we will offer a rich program of TED type short lectures in different areas like culture, science, psychology, philosophy, technology, history, politics, economics, art, ecology, medicine, entertainment and human stories - with researchers, scientists, artists, writers, journalists, socialites and intellectuals.

You are welcome to arrive early, relax at one of the tables, have drinks, eat something and open your mind.

The doors open an hour before each event and you are invited to enjoy the menu of the local pub!

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